Hello and welcome to VIA's official website! VIA is a Hard Rock band from the frigid state of Minnesota (or as MN natives refer to it: 'Minnesnowda'). When they're not busy shoveling or buying flannels, they're writing, recording and performing  the twin cities most captivating Hard, Grunge Rock. Ask any VIA fan and they'll tell you that VIA is full of passion about delivering quality music and a killer show to fans of this ever fading genre of true, heavy rock n' roll. VIA has made a splash in their local scene since joining in the summer of 2013. They've recently signed a record deal and are planning a national tour. Stop by the Bio Page for more info on the band and don't forget to download the music and grab yourself a VIA t-shirt while you're here! Thanks for stopping in and keep rocking VIA fans!   VIArockVIAroll 


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".......because sex just ain't free"

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First Avenue Presents 

VIA / The Black Moods / Black Church Service

@ The Turf Club

Sunday, March 16th, 2014

21+ show /  $5 tickets

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